Zero waste in Māori Communities

Zero waste in Māori Communities

Zero waste in Māori Communities

Para Kore Marae Inc

Para Kore is a community Māori organisation which educates and trains marae about how to minimise waste.

First set up in 2009 as a pilot project under the Xtreme Waste movement in Raglan, Para Kore has expanded from an initial three marae to reach 177 marae, kura, kohanga reo, community organisations and Māori events across 13 regions.

Together they have diverted more than 172 tonnes of waste from landfills.

Para Kore works towards normalising zero waste behaviours, values and attitudes within Māori society.

A team of 11 kaiārahi Para Kore (waste advisors) deliver the programme in their regions, signing agreements with marae and helping to write policies, auditing waste, providing bins and signage, running workshops and evaluating the results.

A Para Kore in Schools programme has been set up too, establishing recycling and composting systems and other ways to divert materials from landfill, as well as delivering educational workshops.

As well as protecting the environment, the programme helps strengthen wellbeing and healthy lifestyles and creates jobs, leading the way for marae all around the country to take a stronger role as kaitiaki of our environment.

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