Whio Forever

Whio Forever

Whio Forever

Genesis Energy

An original requirement to mitigate the effects of the Tongariro Power Scheme has led to an effective partnership between the Department of Conservation and Genesis Energy which is helping save the whio blue duck.

Fewer than 3000 of the unique mountain stream bird remain and are continuing to decline due to habitat loss and introduced predators.

In 2010 the partnership between DOC and Genesis Energy began and has since built into a successful model which has been working alongside other community groups to protect 562 whio pairs – an increase of 264 since 2011.

The partnership approach has shown the power of the collective and how much more can be achieved when we work together, sharing resources and knowledge and focusing on common aspirations.

The aim is to protect a minimum of 50 pair of whio at eight secure sites with 400 pairs by 2021, ensuring the bird’s recovery is ultimately self-sustainable.

As well as predator control at 17 recovery sites, with 1400km of trap line now operational, field data technology and a national database have been developed, together with a range of advocacy and communication tools to raise awareness of the whio’s plight.

  • Date: 30 May, 2017
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