Water Quality Improv

Water Quality Improv

Water Quality Improv

Wharekopae Catchment Group

The Rere community in the Gisborne district has been galvanised to take action to improve local water quality after disturbing E.coli levels were measured at popular swimming sites on the Wharekopae River.

By engaging with local sheep and beef farmers, the group has championed a range of sustainable land management measures which have reduced pollution levels in the river.

The local farms have added fencing to keep stock out of streams, changed the sheep/beef mix, invested in water reticulation, land use change and more stock crossings, such as culverts and bridges.

The project has since expanded to look at other key issues affecting the catchment, such as soil conservation and pest management.

Through monitoring the water quality, farmers have been able to see the effects of these actions first-hand, and have been motivated to develop long-term sustainable farm management plans.

Restoring the health of the catchment will take time, but the group has driven improvements in water quality, with significantly better conditions for swimming experienced in the summer of 2017. A big win for fans of the famous Rere Rockslide and Falls!

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