Wasp wipeout

Wasp wipeout

Wasp wipeout

Fairfax Media, Nelson Mail

Local newspaper the Nelson Mail recently created a crowd funding and education campaign to get the community involved in addressing the long-standing problem with wasps in the region.

The Nelson Mail used its own resources, in print and online, to raise awareness in the community of how wasps devastate native species and the environment. It also looked at what could be done about this problem.

The paper dedicated a journalist full-time to the campaign which aimed to raise $50,000 through crowd funding to create a wasp-free corridor in Nelson. The campaign also encouraged people to register with DOC to volunteer in setting bait lines and stations.

The crowd funding campaign raised $56,000, and 285 people volunteered to help place the bait.

The programme produced 353km of wasp control lines, covering more than 10,000 hectares of some of Nelson Tasman’s most popular recreation areas. This resulted in more than a 95% reduction in wasp numbers in the areas involved – an outstanding outcome for the Nelson Tasman community.

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