Sustainable School Nursery

Sustainable School Nursery

Sustainable School Nursery

Dargaville Intermediate School

The passion of a single teacher led Dargaville Intermediate School to set up a native plant nursery which has contributed tens of thousands of plants for a restoration project around Kaipara Harbour.

The school nursery was first set up in 2011 with a strategic plan and an application to the Northland Regional Council for funding.

Since then the WaiRestoration project has expanded every year as part of the school’s Enviroschools journey, Students have planted thousands of native trees along local waterways, including on local farms throughout the Kaipara area. Wetlands have been re-established and dune lakes planted around.

Their environment studies have included theory as well as practical work in the nursery and school vegetable garden, with the students eager to become “Kaitiaki of the Kaipara”.

The school’s plant nursery is held up as a model for other Enviroschools designing WaiNurseries to grow riparian plants. In this way, Dargaville Intermediate is contributing to healthier waterways throughout Northland.

This year they are on track to reach a target of more than 10,000 plants. The school is truly living their mission statement: “Learn from the past, plan for the future, make the most of today.”

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