QuayConnect Logistics Model

QuayConnect Logistics Model

QuayConnect Logistics Model

Port Nelson

The number of trucks transporting part loads of bottles around the Nelson/Marlborough region has considerably reduced, after local companies made a concerted effort to improve efficiency.

Marlborough wines make up 75 per cent of New Zealand’s wine industry, and Port Nelson is the maritime gateway for the wineries that ship their products to market. But the thousands of empty containers travelling on trucks each year between the port and storage depots in the region meant the sustainable New Zealand wine story was not fully stacking up.

Port Nelson worked with trucking company Central Express Ltd, glass bottle manufacturer O-I New Zealand, wine bottler WineWorks Marlborough, and Enviro-Mark Solutions to consider how to reduce transport emissions by simply increasing the efficiency of their road freight operations.

They identified 3,985 trips of empty containers travelling on trucks over a 381-day period.

As a result, the port company introduced a revolutionary new road freight model called QuayConnect. It offers a sustainable and efficient warehousing and distribution service that helps reduce carbon emissions. All the project stakeholders understood the need to open up, share costs, investment and risks for it to work.

The model has resulted in 14 fewer truck journeys a day, on average, to transport the same amount of freight and saved nearly 350,000 litres of fuel in the first 381 days. A great start!

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