The Polhill Project

The Polhill Project

The Polhill Project

Polhill Protectors

A large and dedicated group of volunteers has stepped up to take action against pests in one of Wellington’s most popular urban parks, Polhill.

The ‘halo’ effect from the nearby 225 hectare fenced urban eco-sanctuary has seen the return of native birds into the area, however outside the sanctuary these birds need protection from predators, as well as disease, habitat loss and other challenges.

Social media helped to garner interest from the community, with images shared on Facebook of some of the first recorded tieke nesting in the reserve. When one of the two chicks disappeared at only a few weeks old, the story spread fast and soon a group of volunteers formed a large community-led project to control predators in the area.

Supported by the Wellington City Council and DOC, the Polhill Protectors now consist of 50 volunteer trappers and a 550+ strong Facebook group focused on predator control and restoration efforts. As well as 130 traps being regularly monitored, tens of thousands of native plants have been planted.

The birds are now flourishing and loving their protected habitat, and the community is thrilled to see them thrive in the area.

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