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Open space covenants

Open space covenants

QEII National Trust

The Queen Elizabeth II National Trust has been preserving precious New Zealand landscapes through protective covenants since it was established 40 years ago.

The initial vision for a formal protection mechanism was innovative at the time and has since revolutionised the way natural and cultural places on private land are valued and preserved.

One of the priorities for covenanting is biodiversity protection and new covenants must satisfy targets in this area as well as others.

The QE11 National Trust’s covenants protect biodiversity across 70 per cent of New Zealand’s lowland landscapes that are privately owned and have been highly modified. This is where some of our richest biodiversity is found but where it is least protected and most at risk.

Since its beginnings, the National Trust has registered more than 4300 covenants in partnership with private landowners and acts as trustee for about 180,000 hectares of land.

The value of the total financial investment in covenants by QEII covenant owners across the nation is estimated at $1.1-$1.3 billion.

The Trust is proud to continue partnering with landowners to protect special areas and biodiversity on private land where challenges include overwhelming pest or weed problems, as well as the effects of extreme natural events, such as floods, fire and earthquakes.

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