Lake Waiporohita Restoration

Lake Waiporohita Restoration

Lake Waiporohita Restoration

Te Runanga-a-Iwi o Ngati Kahu

Local iwi Ngati Kahu have been working with others to restore Lake Waiporohita which is suffering from invasive exotic plants, farm sediment and nutrients, and other environmental issues.

A farm drain empties into the lake on the Karikari Peninsula and it is common practice by fishers to drive into the lake to wash salt from vehicles and boats. Six non-invasive exotic aquatic plant species and three invasive exotics, including alligator weed, primrose willow and paspalum and Gambusia, are rampant and algal blooms occur each summer.

Ngati Kahu have a particularly strong whakapapa to the lake and are working with Northland Regional Council, the Department of Conservation and Landcorp on its restoration.

Initial work during 2016 has looked at new fencing needed, allowing for riparian planting, the creation of a weir to settle sediment and nutrient coming from the farm, the removal from the lake margins of non-native tree species and a bollard and boulder barrier to stop entry to the lake by vehicles and boats.

Stock access is now under control with new fences and the weir is halting sediment inflows with riparian planting underway and a media campaign about vehicles in lakes has promoted cooperation from the wider community.

It is intended to also target lake weeds and algae, nutrient and biosecurity issues, and Canadian geese control.

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