Environmental Improvement Programme

Environmental Improvement Programme

Environmental Improvement Programme


Auckland magazine printing company Webstar is a star indeed, shining light on how to reduce waste.

The company recycle 99% of their solid waste and have managed to reduce their residual waste to landfill by 60%.

Many initiatives have contributed, including finding more ways to recycle by-products, compressing paper dust into dust “briquettes” for composting, and on-selling used IBC containers instead of sending them to landfill.

Technology initiatives have reduced paper waste from print run setups/overruns by about 4%, new equipment has reduced the use of plastic film wrap by 11%, and paper towel dispensers have been replaced with hand-dryers.

Other initiatives have required staff to change their behaviour, with bins provided for waste segregation at every work station, stopping the purchase of foam cups, recycling of plastic laminating roll ends, and recycling of broken wooden pallets.
The company’s example shows that if businesses take time to examine all aspects of their waste streams, reductions can be easy and cost-effective.

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