Carbon Down Wellington

Carbon Down Wellington

Carbon Down Wellington

Sustainability Trust

Wellington’s Sustainability Trust has been practicing what it preaches on climate change, reducing and offsetting emissions through renewable electricity and transport initiatives.

Since 2014 the Trust has been providing a range of home and business services such as insulation, heating, solar, ventilation and other building services. They also run transport projects, install low-energy lightbulbs, education sessions, recycle tonnes of e-waste and household items, and support low-income households with advice, curtains, firewood, and subsidies to warm up their homes.

The Trust wants to encourage Wellington citizens to reduce their footprint by 80 per cent but recognised that first they needed to set their own house in order. Determined to lead by example, the Trust looked to change its own behaviour first.

Actions included reducing or offsetting its emissions through renewable electricity and transport initiatives, and promoting projects for tackling climate change.

In the last year the Trust has delivered 80 workshops, boosted its media and social media profile, and submitted on six local and national climate and energy efficiency policies.

Other activities are longer-term investments in behaviour change which provide the foundation for future actions or inspire citizens to encourage others. For example, directly supporting improved health for vulnerable households, promoting increased fitness and health from active transport, reducing mining of new resources through recycling, and inspiring community action.

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